Aquaponics and Greenhouses is what we do.
Greenhouses are awesome, but I find it is really hard to utilize a greenhouse.  You invest in this little piece of gardening heaven, but it just never feels like you are getting everything out of it.  It just felt so empty for all the cost to install and keep the right temperature.  That was until I filled up my small greenhouse with an Aquaponic system!  That was the answer I was looking for.  If you are serious about getting every ounce of growing out of your current or future greenhouse, then you have found the right place!

How can we help you achieve greenhouse bliss?
Method 1:  This Website can provide information on how to build and add small aquaponics systems to utilize your greenhouse by using readily available materials.
Method 2:  Buy our new Aquaponic Greenhouse plans, and go to work building your efficient aquaponic greenhouse and get busy growing!
Method 3:  We do the work.  No plans to buy, no kits to assemble, and no headaches to deal with.  Just order, get your spot ready, and we drop off a fully functional greenhouse with an Aquaponics set up ready to go, just add water, fish, plants and power.  You enjoy the gardening as it was meant to be, with delicious fruits, veggies, and fish you and your family will enjoy with minimal work!
We believe Aquaponics is the future of food production.  Look for our new Aquapoincs 101 series available on  AquapoincGreenhouse YouTube Channel
Please look around and join the conversation with our forum, read our BLOG posts here and comment, or email us.  We look forward to working with you in any capacity!
If you are interested in learning aquaponics, take one of our classes, build a small barrel aquaponics system and try it out.  We think, once you have expereinced aquaponics, you will have a hard time gardening any other way!  Click here for our next class !